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 Author of the best-selling book

Joi Lansing. A Body to Die For.

A Love Story. 


Alex Hunter’s Latest Release

A colorful chronicle of the personal and intimate details of the last four years of the talented 1950s blonde bombshell star’s fascinating life.


After three decades of successful TV and movie appearances and Las Vegas singing, Joi always verged on making it big, but when the curtain came down and the audience was gone, she struggled with suicide, self-image, and a deadly drug problem.

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"Stunning black and white photos of Lansing by Maurice Seymour, the era’s Superstar Photographer, make this book a collectors dream.” ”

Kate Porter-Avery


"Maybe the full meaning and the full importance of the book will not even be known right away. But, rest assured, it WILL stand the test of time."

John O'Dowd

“This is a fascinating story about a very beautiful actress, and I think readers will be delighted and quite surprised.”

Diane McBain

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